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Take The Leap for Freedom

If you want to be free, take the leap with Mike Coday

12 YEARS 🍿

I walked into my Director’s office to give my 2-week notice. I was going back full-time into roofing and taking a team to OKC to get rich after a hail storm.

Didn’t happen‼️

I cashed out my 401k, ran out of Cobra, lost all my money, and basically got my butt kicked. Most of my sales team got discouraged and went back home.

There wasn’t 1 single day I didn’t dream about being back in the safe confines of my corporate cube, getting a nice auto-deposited paycheck, with full benefits.

I missed all the people terribly.

It was just me and failure slinging it out while circling the drain all summer long.

But I wanted to be free… 🇺🇸

As bad as it was, as bad as I wanted to go back to safety, I wanted to be free more than anything else.

It was at the end of that year, twelve years ago in 2010, I registered the domain name, and started writing articles to help struggling salespeople and company owners.

And then I started recording videos and posting them on YouTube. And then I started traveling and speaking.

And then the rest, as they say, is history. You’re here today reading this post.

If you want to give up and go back to safety, that’s normal. Maybe it’s what you should do, but if you want to be free…

You’ll have to make the leap!

❤️ Mike

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