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Money Loves Speed

The Mike Coday Family


There’s many things money loves, but few are as cherished as speed.

When you move quick, money pays attention. πŸ‘€

Money hates slowness more than sloppiness and weakness combined because money can speed past both disadvantages when it gets going fast enough.

It’s extremely difficult to change direction when you’re pushing a car from a dead stop. However, when the vehicle starts rolling, it’s much easier to steer. The faster you go, the better you can position yourself.

Your capacity to get all the money you want may be small and weak, but that’s okay because you can still do well.

Here’s how…

Think of your ability to make a living like the capacity of a bucket, it might take a lot of trips back and forth from the well to get your fill, but if you carry the water fast enough, you’ll overcome your weakness with speed.

Go fast or go home.

✌️ Mike

P.S. Money isn’t everything, not even close, but it does help us take care of everything most important. If you’re not taking care of what’s most important to you, pick up the pace and go faster…because money loves speed.

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