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My first full-time job out of college was being a youth pastor.

I started with 1st Assembly of God in Athens, TX in the Spring of 1992. Nine months later, shortly before Christmas, my new bride and I moved back home to work with Abundant Life Assembly of God in Grand Prairie, TX.

I worked part-time as their Worship Pastor while holding down a full-time job in telemarketing sales. Shelly, my wife, worked in the Mother’s Day Out program. It would be two more years before we would even think about getting into the business of roofing.

Business Strategy Consulting with Mike Coday
Mike Coday at Christmas time.

My father-in-law, Richard Healy, was starting a new church called Faith Harvest Church. We were excited about helping him get the church off the ground. After getting permission from Rev. Bob Skipper, our Senior Pastor at Abundant Life, we joined our family as new members of the church staff in the Fall of 1993.

Unfortunately, I had to continue working as a telemarketer because the church couldn’t afford to pay me. Later, I was given a $25/week stipend to help with my expenses. Thankfully, my wife started a Mother’s Day Out program at our new church and made a regular check as the program director. She was also the Children’s Pastor.

On May 5, 1995, the worst hail storm in history hit downtown Fort Worth. A few days later, a friend from church said I should get into roofing sales. I called the owner of the company and was hired. I immediately quit my telemarketing job to become a door to door roofing salesman.

In my first year, I sold more roofs than any of the other 50 salespeople in the office. I didn’t make more, but I did sell more. Needless to say, I never thought about telemarketing again.

Five years later, at the end of 2010, I registered the website and started posting articles to help salespeople sell more roofs. It wasn’t long until I began posting videos on YouTube. GAF happened to be watching my videos and invited me to come travel and speak at their conferences in 2015.

What started out as keynote speaking turned into traveling and training roofing salespeople all over the nation.

Today, I work exclusively as the premier consultant to roofing company owners who are ready to grow their business.

My private clients scale quickly, adding millions of dollars in annual revenue while expanding locations and building the next generation of leadership for their company.